What DISNEY Movie Should Be Your Favorite!??

Wanna Find Your Favorite Disney Movie.Well I Got Ur Back. If You Never Watched These Movies, You Can Watch Them At The Movie Theater Or On Yue Channel.

If You Have Any Concerns, Plz Comment Down Below Nicely. and Make Your Own Too. Send It To Me At My Email [no emails]. Thank You Once Again And Start!!!

Created by: AlexAllstar11

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do You Like Movies With Lots Of Musical Number In It?
  2. Do You Like Love Scenes In Movies
  3. Do You Like Disney Pixar Movies
  4. Do You Like Austin And Ally Or Jessie! Or People Like Debby Ryan Or Ross Lynch
  5. Do U Love Comedy!LOL.
  6. Pick A Theme!
  7. Are You Little?
  8. Pick A Letter. And Don't Ask
  9. And It Doesn't Have Any Affect...
  10. Almost There.

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Quiz topic: What DISNEY Movie Should Be my Favorite!??