what disney carecter are you

there are lots of disney cheracters but you are one which one are you this is a quiz to see if you are a disney charecter or if you are not come check it out

are you a disney fan let's find out come and csee if you are mickey minie or any of the charecters of of diney shose come see right know your adventer begains in secs.

Created by: cloe

  1. your having your fav thing for a snack what is it
  2. you are desiding what to were what is the style
  3. what is youre fav color
  4. you are going on your summer vacation where are4 you going
  5. what is your moto
  6. what is the most important thing to you
  7. complete the sentance i am or have allways wanted to be a
  8. complete this sentanc my fav sport is
  9. i am sick as a _
  10. you need to take a _

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Quiz topic: What disney carecter am I