what dinosaur you are?

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Good warn: the quiz have rare results that you may not have been known before! Enjoy! Discovery what dinosaur you are! Questions: 14. Have fun and enjoy my quiz!

I have worked hours in the drawings on the pics, may be not too much visible but i added shade and lights in the pics! If you dont like my artwork, please DO NOT TALK BAD THINGS ABOUT IT! thanks!

Created by: TheVolcanicdrago
  1. hi! Here are the first question: are you fast? What is your speed?
  2. What dinosaur family you want to be?
  3. What is your favorite color?
  4. What power you must have?
  5. You favorite animal (no mystic)
  6. Your favorite movie
  7. (Pretend you are the school principal now) a student come to your room and says that the teacher today is very fool and annoying, her class is very boring. What you do?
  8. Somebody gonna take a photo and with you too, you:
  9. Which dino you think you will pick? (Dont effect result)
  10. if you should adopt, what you should adopt?
  11. Select a clan to join in
  12. Are you excited for your results? (Der)
  13. Do you like this quiz? ( dont effect result)
  14. Bye!

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