What hybrid dinosaur you are?

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A carnivore dinosaur is hybrid with a herbivore. DOES NOT CONTAINS PTEROSAURS, ELASMOSAURIDS, DEVONIAN OR NOT DINOSAUR ANIMALS. Is not a PERFECT quiz but click on plz

Please comment your result if you want. or rate if you want. Discovery what hybrid you are! If you dont readed the first paragraph, please read her! Thanks!

Created by: Zanabazarjr
  1. whats your diet?
  2. You should battle
  3. Cold winter coming!
  4. Your favorite mystic animal
  5. Do you play honorbound?
  6. You see your friend drawing a ugly drawing
  7. What bird you most want to see (no extint birds or dinos)
  8. Do you use folioscope?
  9. What attack you gonna use for battle?
  10. Favorite color?
  11. Do you like the quiz? (Dont affect resilt)

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