what descendent two person are you most like?

you have to watch the movies first, avalible on disney plus.there are three, maybe four movies.which person from number two are you most like?find out

here.personly from 1 my fave is mal, then malifacint, from second harry hook, then uma, from third hades, then audrey. :):):):):):):) >O<>O<>O<>O<>O<>O

Created by: wildnightcat

  1. your friends discribe you as...
  2. whats your fave color
  3. fave thing to do
  4. fave animal
  5. who you want to end up as
  6. fave villian
  7. fave hero/goodie
  8. gender
  9. fave mythical creature
  10. fave place to go

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Quiz topic: What descendent two person am I most like?