What Death Note Character Is The Closest Match To You?

Other quizzes ask dumb things unrelated to the topic, but I use details in my quiz so please consider it :P Anyway Death Note is an anime series in which high-school-genius Light Yagami obtains a shinigomi's Death Note. He uses it to eliminate criminals while having to face off against the legendary detective "L" and his successors as well as another person obtains a Death Note as well to try and find him and worship him. Characters include Light Yagami (kira), Misa Misa (misa amane the second kira), Lawliet (L), Mello, Near (Nate Rivers), Matt, and many more but my quiz does not include them.

Which main character of "Death Note" are you? Are you one of the investigators or one of the Kiras? Do you want to clean the world or keep the law system as it is? This tests your personality for you to find out who you are in the japanese anime, "Death Note"!

Created by: kittythepsyco
  1. How do you define justice?
  2. Who are the "bad people" in this world?
  3. What is your favorite color?
  4. Roleplay time!!! You are in L's position. All of your hard evidence points to Light as Kira. But there is also evidence that makes it impossible for Light or Misa to be Kira. What is your opinion and next step?
  5. I can't think of another L question so............What's the best sweet treat?
  6. What's your name?
  7. Who's the best?
  8. What game features various characters that were involoves in a burglury and do missions in Los Santos?
  9. Your addiction is...
  10. "If you can't solve the puzzle, If you can't win the game, all you are is a loser" True or False?
  11. Did you like the ending of Death Note? *spoilers*
  12. Who first attempted killing Mello?
  13. This has no effect on who you are but take it into consideration. Light Yagami had feelings for L and the other way around. It may not have looked it, but, they did. Do you think L and Light should have been together instead of Misa and Light? And do you think if Light kept L alive, would he help fight off Near and Mello from evolving into who they became to protect Light no longer suspecting him of Kira?

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