What Death Note Character are you?

many people always wonder who they are on Deth Note. Well im here to say that if you take this quiz and answer a few simple questions, then your questions shall be solved!! And it does not go by the english version so if you dont know about someone named Matt *just an ex* then dont take this quiz because then you wouldnt have a clue on what your in for.

SO STEP RIGHT UP FOR THE AWSUME QUIZ THAT TELLS ALL!! But if you dont then ill make sure that you will die in seven days!! MUAHAHAHA!...im just kidding, you dont need to take it....... thats it its 3 days now...so take it before i through my Kumagoro at your head! MUAHAHAHA NO DO DI DA!

Created by: Kinara Sakuma

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Okay...whats your favorite color??
  2. now then, you went to the mall with a bunch of friends and one of them holds up a shirt and asks for your opinion, what would you say?
  3. Name one odd thing about you.
  4. Okay...now go on YouTube and watch a video called 'I got a Jar of Dirt'
  5. whats your favorite food?
  6. now then, what would you do if the girl scouts came to your door??
  7. what would you do if you saw a random Kumagoro plushie in your room??
  8. so...how did you feel about my quiz??
  9. really??? Are you sure you think of my quiz like that??
  10. okay bye!!

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Quiz topic: What Death Note Character am I?