What Country Should You Go To?

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There are many different countries in the world, but where should you go? This quiz will ask you questions to try to find which country you should go to. Hopefully, this quiz will help you find the perfect country for you.

Should you go to France? Italy? How a bout Australia? With so many countries in the world, it can be so had to pick the right place to have a vacation, but thanks to this quiz, you can find the perfect country you!

Created by: Neve
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What do you like to do most?
  2. Which of these places sounds most appealing to you?
  3. Which one of these outfits sounds like something you would wear?
  4. What continent would you like to visit?
  5. What's your favourite color?
  6. What is your favourite animal?
  7. Which one of these is your favourite sport?
  8. What is your favourite food?
  9. What is/was your favourite subject in school?
  10. What is your favourite kind of music?

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Quiz topic: What Country should I Go To?