What computer brand is best for me

If you are having a hard desision of what computer brand to buy, you can take this quiz to help. This has real facts about them. But some laptops are slow and laggy.

Which could win. The results could be Apple, MSI, Asus, Dell,HP, Lenovo,or other. Some are better quality than others, but some are rip offs because of viruses and lags. The end.

Created by: Thomas of Gotoquiz
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  1. Do you gaming?
  2. Are you into design and crating apps?
  3. How much do you hate viruses?
  4. Do you heavy duty things?
  5. Do you want your laptop to be hot and posobly burn down your house?
  6. Which operating system do you use?
  7. Are you gonna splurge(spend a lot of money) on your new computer?
  8. Do you care about speed?
  9. Would you pay more money for better graphics peformance?
  10. Do you want your laptop to be thin. Light, and long battery life.

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