What Columbine Victim Are You?

Everyone always wonders where they fall in the world of Columbine. So many followers, so many different personalities. Some people think they're too good to be like some of the victims, because of their upbringing, looks or attitude.

Let's see where you fall in this quiz. There are no wrong answers, just answer to your true attitude and personality. See you get and then share it with your friends! :) Good luck!

Created by: Tanaisha

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  1. It's lunch time, where would you be found?
  2. Someone picks on you in the hall, what is your reaction?
  3. How do you get to school?
  4. How do you feel about guns?
  5. If someone was asked about you, how would you be described in one word?
  6. Do you get along with your parents?
  7. Which quote would you most likely say?
  8. You are invited to a party, what drink do you bring?
  9. Do you have a prom date?
  10. Do you have siblings?

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Quiz topic: What Columbine Victim am I?