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  • Sorry for the bad rating but it told me to dye the brown tips of my brown hair brown.

    Froggyness Sep 6 '18, 7:47AM
  • @Firey_Soul- Yeah you can pick any colour you want and i wanted blue,but i asked my mom she said no! and btw i kinda messed up on this quiz! :p lol okay bye

    furbylover123 Apr 23 '13, 10:52PM
  • omg thanks so much for taking my quiz!! i never thought anybody would!

    furbylover123 Apr 23 '13, 10:49PM
  • Green

    MysteriousEntity Apr 14 '13, 9:42PM
  • Green... it would match my eyes, but I think dark blue would be a better color for me. :P

    Firey_Soul Apr 14 '13, 9:30PM
  • Hi everyone! im the creator of this quiz! Plz take it because i made this on my dsi xl just now!

    furbylover123 Apr 14 '13, 12:33PM

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