What colour are you?

So many colors are in this world. But what colour are you? This is basiced on what you act like. You might not like the colour but it's what you act like.

What colour are you? Are you a caring pink, a sad blue, a calm green, an easy going cream, a fake purple, a bossy red, a happy yellow or an insane orange?

Created by: singin234

  1. In a group what would you be?
  2. Are you shy
  3. Are you cheerful?
  4. Are you happy? (when I ask these questions, I mean most of the time)
  5. What colour do you like?
  6. Colours still
  7. People say you are?
  8. Are you a calm person?
  9. Someone said you a mean, you
  10. Remember to smile!

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Quiz topic: What colour am I?