how cheerful are you?

there are many "cool" people in the world nowadays so its very hard to find cheerful people who arent afraid to smile. and this quiz will tell you how cheerfull you really are! For best results please answer accurrately! Enjoy.your pal,krazykatt

hi im krazykatt, im 12 and this is my 4th quiz! I have beed reading and researching on cats ever since i was 6. The reason for this quiz is because i want more people to be cheerful and me! my first quiz was:what is your cat fur colour. My 2nd was based on the cat novel series, warriors and the quiz was which warrior cat clan are you in? my third was how romantic are you? for boys and now this one enjoy!!! your pal, krazykatt!

Created by: krazykatt

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. does holding your girl/boyfrieds hand make you smile
  2. do you always try to act cool?
  3. do you ever laugh over nothing
  4. have you ever cried over nothing?
  5. now for more complicated questions! what is your favourite colour?
  6. which colours do you like more?
  7. if a cat rubs against your leg and starts to roll around playfully, what would you do?
  8. you are offered a discount on a 500 piece puzzle. What would you say?
  9. what game would you rather play?
  10. if someone says something mean about you what would you do?
  11. you see someone crying what do you do?
  12. after a nice relazing vacation, when its time to leave what do you do?
  13. do you think that you are cheerful
  14. on a scale of 1 through 6 how miserable are you?
  15. are you getting board with this quiz (must answer)!!!
  16. how often do you find your self skipping
  17. on a scale from 1-5 do you like reading?
  18. did you like this quiz? (wont effect your score)ill find out the answer to this question by looking at the rateings. so please rate!

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Quiz topic: How cheerful am I?