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  • Gray wolf

    You are brave and loyal. You face dangers when you come face to face with them. They are not afraid to back down from a challange, and are great leaders. Gray wolves make the best leaders.

    Hahaha... I am ALPHA WOLF! Yes, I am a woman, but life needs BRAVERY and STRENGHT at least ONCE, right? Unlike those stupid men.

    But then again, I have a crush, so if he were a wolf too, he'd probably be black. And then we would get married and be Mr. and Mrs. Alpha Wolf! We'd have 3 wolf puppies... 2 of them girls, preferrably twins and a boy...

    I'm getting WAY ahead of myself, aren't I? LOL!

  • Yay! I'm a black wolf! Whoever did this quiz really nailed it. I would love to be a leader!

  • Hmmmm..... Strange but good

  • oooooohhhh grey wolf coooooool


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