What Color Lightsaber Do You Have

Lightsabers are the most iconic Star Wars weapon, and are made with different color Kyber Crystals, and each color has a meaning. What color do you have?

This quiz gives you the oppritunity to find out. Are you a Jedi, a Sith or something else? Let's Find out!

Created by: jeff mcderp of bob
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which Character would you like to ally you on a mission?
  2. What color robes do you wear?
  3. What combat style do you prefer?
  4. What are you?
  5. Which Star Wars movie was the best?
  6. What Clone Trooper fights with you?
  7. Who would you most likely fight?
  8. Light Side or Dark Side?
  9. Which Trilogy are you set in?
  10. Who is your Padawan?
  11. What kind of Starfighter do you have?
  12. What kind of blaster do you use

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Quiz topic: What Color Lightsaber do I Have