A Very Sith Life

Girls only! ____ = your name '' = start/end of something someone says '= start/end of what your thinking.. Alright this is in the middle of clone wars. There is a Anakin and Darth Vader but their different people. Asoka is in it so everyone from the cartoon is in k?

You are 13 and live on d'ranak a backwater sith planet. You are strong, know the sith code, can be ruthless, good with lightsabers and droids, can use 2 force powers and a full out supporter of the sith. Got it? Not recommended for girls under age of 12

Created by: DeathStar321
  1. Read the top or you will be largely confused! Comprende?
  2. Sorry the Comprende and comprendo should be swiched. I really don't know so forget it.
  3. ok I'm gonna start at the next question. First I wanna say thanks to firey soul, bluebird, Aria, firesoul, spotty dinosaur and countrybayrythm. Because you are all great quiz makers and/or very supportive friends. You don't know me but I know you. And stardust and firey soul= NEVER DO THAT AGAIN! But you all inspired me so I'm making my own quiz series. Firey soul, one last thing: WHAT DID YOU DO TO JACE! HE WAS THE BEST OF THE GUYS AND HE ISN'T IN THE NEW SERIES! WHERE IS HE??!!!!!! OK I'm calm. P.s. I like to daydream and I thought of this while I was daydreaming! ;D
  4. You are living on a backwater sith planet. Born there, live there, always have and always will. Or atleast that's what you thought. the sith hardly ever came and you've only saw them twice. Both times were to drop off broken lightsabers and droids. For the past 6 years you have taken broken lightsabers and droids. No one knows that you take them. You find lightsabers that's focus lenses broke and some that's handles are smooth and no longer useable, and switch lenses. And you have a lightsaber. You also fix droids and sell them. You've only found 2 crystals, both red. You've built yourself 2 very powerfull lightsabers. Most days you wear a cloak and train between the piles of junk.
  5. You wanted news of the war so you went to your dad. ''Oh yes the war! The jedi are getting stronger. They will win the war because the sith are fools that find strength in numbers''. Just as he said that, a sith droid platoon walked by and heard. There was a sith, probably an apprentice, ordered your execution for treachery. Just then he saw your lightsabers and had an idea to get off of the planet.(you broke their ships navicomputer and jammed the communications). He would get a prisoner and get off the planet. He of course thought you had connections to get them and to get off the planet.
  6. He arranged a fight to the death between you and your father. The winner lives, gets off the planet but as a prisoner for count dooku. Before the fight the sith pulled you to a deserted street. ''Listen closely, I know about your lightsabers. Hold anything back and we bombard the planet. The droids will attack as soon as you take out the lightsabers. You will do anything I say after the fight or we bombard the planet. Got it?'' he said. ''Yes master sith'' is how you answer.
  7. The fight is about to start. There are blasters and swords placed before you but you may use your own. The fight is being broadcasted all over the planet. Your still mad at your dad for 1) getting you into this mess and 2) saying that the sith are fools. Bottom line your mad and when your mad you are stronger than 10 rancor.
  8. Softly you say the sith code. You read it from your twin lightsabers (it was encrypted that way). Peace is a lie there is only passion. Through passion I gain strength. Through strength I gain power. Through power I gain victory. Through victory my chains are broken. The force shall free me. You started saying it louder until the whole town can hear you. Your father did precisely the same thing but with the jedi code. You drew your lightsabers and the entire planet was quiet.
  9. You started attacking. At first you were clumsy but then you got really mad. You started fight with your lightsabers like a sith lord. Your father was lying on the ground, still alive. You wanted a big finish. You use force choke and lift your dad from the ground. While choking him you use force lightning. Your dads dead, lifeless body falls to the ground. You walk over to him and so does the sith. He bends down and says '' he's still breathing. Finish it!''.
  10. You plunge your lightsabers into his heart. He lets out a bloody scream and the sith laughs and laughs. The droids are still standing there then they attack. With one swing, their all destroyed.
  11. Ok that's it for now please comment and rate. I'm gonna make part 2s name a sith's life part 2 k?

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