what color hair should you have ( rainbow colors)

im a little confused but this is all about just seeing what color hair you should have i hope you have fun i really do i hope you like the color you get

you will like my quizz at least i hope you do i got nothing to say so i will just putt a random word down cats are cool i guess ps im not a retard i just got confused

Created by: pedrolove
  1. what color hair do you really have ( you need to answer this so i can find out)
  2. what is your favorite animal
  3. do you have a boyfriend
  4. what food out of these are your favorite
  5. was that funny when i said goat turds
  6. wich band is your favorite
  7. if i saw you and said hi what would you do
  8. what do you love most
  9. are your parents divorced
  10. did you like my quiz

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Quiz topic: What color hair should I have ( rainbow colors)