What Color Eyes Do You Have?

Age and Gender never count:) its been awhile since i did a quiz so if its bad dont be suprised:) please let me no if it matched your or if i was way off:)

This quiz isnt your regular eye colors. Its blue with black stripes... just weird colors... i want eyes like these... instead of brown eyeeeeeeeeessssss

Created by: mcr111
  1. What matters most to you?
  2. Can you handle stress?
  3. Do you get angry easily?
  4. Are you a peacefull person?
  5. When life hands you lemons you....
  6. Are you a people's person?
  7. Are you a sensitive person?
  8. *gasp* whats your favorite color?
  9. Are you an:
  10. Do you give good advice?
  11. DO you get flustered easily?
  12. Do you live in the past, present, or future?
  13. what must genere do you like (and goth does not count)

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Quiz topic: What Color Eyes do I Have?