What color describes you?

There are many colors in this world.They all have their differnt meanings.Now it is your time to know.Take this quiz and your result color might be your favorite color.

You have a favorite color.Now it is your time to find out if it is truly your color that actually describes you or if your favorite color because it is your favorite color.

Created by: loveneon56
  1. What adjective best discribes you?
  2. Pick one!
  3. What are you the most?Do you....
  4. Pick one! Quick!!
  5. Part one.What are you?
  6. Part two.What are you?(if you answered the last question click on answered the last question)
  7. What color out of these are you most happy with.(these do not apear on results)
  8. These next questions do not affect your score.Sorry I just cant think of more questions involing colors.
  9. Are you happy right now?
  10. Finally my last Question to ask you guys!

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Quiz topic: What color describes me?