What color are you're real eyes?

This quiz is for fun!don't worry about what you get.I got 3 colors:Red for being evil,Pink for being Girly,and Purple for a being a kind hearted.Now,Those aren't real eye colors,Real eye colors are:Blue,Brown,Hazel,Green,and Gray.But the quiz is for fun.Please Take it!

What color are YOU'RE inner eyes?Either red,pink,or purple.The quiz is just for fun.Red is for being plain rude!Pink is for being girly!Purple is for being kind!PLEASE TAKE THE QUIZ!It's very fun.Please enjoy!

Created by: Jessie
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  1. What would you give you're friend for their birhtday?
  2. if you're little brother/sister forced you to play a game with them you would...
  3. If their was a robber breaking into you're house,you would...
  4. If someone pushed you for no reason what would you do to him?
  5. You're teachers birthday is coming up!whats her present from you?
  6. If you're friend forgot about you're brithday,what would you do?
  7. If you saw someone on the sidewalk bleeding and screaming very loud,you would...
  8. You're making cupcakes for Christmas when you're little brother/sister accidently knocked the cupcakes over.you...
  9. (2 more quiestions)You saw a $2 bill on the street .what would you do with the $2 biil?
  10. (last quiestion!No effect)Did you like the quiz?

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Quiz topic: What color am I're real eyes?