What color are you?

well there are so many colors i hope you get what you want colors are cool i love you red is apples orange is orange yellow sun green grass blue sky purple majeaty how are you hi mom this is cool i lovr you,all so cool people wow neato lets play games

red roange yelloe green blue putple? i hoep you get a cooltcolot old people rock lets hope you are not purple i saw elf i love echanted i am sam you know if rita is so cool red flowers rock especially roses wally is cool so is rita and sam

Created by: Brittany of myspace
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  1. what would you rather do for fun
  2. what store would you rather go to in the mall
  3. if someone accdently steps on your foot what do you do
  4. what do you do if your driving and you get lost
  5. which color do you like best
  6. what kind of music do you like best
  7. what sport do you like better
  8. do you like hugs
  9. what letter do you like better
  10. did you like this

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Quiz topic: What color am I?