what is your type of color

hay hi my name is cheyenne schaffer and i will tell you how good this quiz is it tells you how good or bad or mad you are for example at the end you will see your results and find out your body color and the color matches how you are.

do you want to know what your true color it is you have came to the right place this is a great quiz made by me cheyenne i am 8 years old and i tried it and loved it at firsrt i was like how do i do this?but if i can figure it out.then you can take the quiz!

Created by: sanjagirl14
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what do you like doing best???
  2. what is your genre of music?
  3. WHAT SPORT DO YOU LIKE BEST????????????
  4. what describes you most??????
  5. what is your hair most like if you were a girl
  6. what animal do you dislike
  7. what animal do you like best??????????
  8. what do people discribe you as
  9. what is your favorite movie
  10. what is your favorite color
  11. what name would you have?
  12. what are you most like?
  13. what do you like best????

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Quiz topic: What is my type of color