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  • I got black awesome...8 stars all the way

    xXemnemXx Apr 5 '09, 6:03PM
  • I keep getting black. Good!

    Nallie Jan 27 '09, 11:17PM
  • i got blue. i dont like to swim, or play sports. i do get angry easily. B-

    bookworm14 Dec 23 '08, 10:04AM
  • umm it's close with the personality but wrong with the element my element is fire not the opposite water

    chee Nov 9 '08, 9:21PM
  • i got yellow and i am really very outgoing...yay!!LOL !

    broadwaybound55 May 8 '08, 7:57PM
  • What color are you?
    Your Result: Black
    You're very dark and mysterious. You're quiet, and not very outgoing. You enjoy just kicking back and watching others, while you read or write or something. Element is dark.

    haha..yea, correct i guess, though my fav colours are at 2nd n 4th place in my result.lol.

    nofreak May 2 '08, 6:58PM
  • blue secondly black though yay

    juscaitie May 1 '08, 7:32PM
  • tch...wish it was black, but i used to like red.....

    XovanX May 1 '08, 4:19PM
  • black-true, but whatevr

    rockmusicfreak Apr 30 '08, 3:53PM
  • OmG this is so true i am a blue i did another test but it was different then this and it also said that i am a blue

    ypahugirl1990 Apr 29 '08, 3:34PM

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