What Color&Breed Of Cat Are You?

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Nobody reads here nope nope. If you play on Howrse please friend me I am Glennie on there. :) How's everyone doing this fine saturday. It is midnight for me and I have horrible insomnia so I am on gotoquiz. Yep.

OMG gotoquiz is such a freaking creepy. It gave me a flippin error message for talking about the limit of words here like SERIOUSLY WTF. NOBODY READS THIS PART WHO THE HELL CARES. Ok done.

Created by: Sunday1

  1. Welcome to my quiz, fellow human being. =) The first question is which of these group of three words contain one word that really describes you or your life.
  2. And what is your favorite color? (If its not there choose your 2nd favorite color.)
  3. Do you have any cats of your own? =)
  4. Which of these is your favorite animal? =)
  5. How do you deal with bullies?
  6. Would you say you are more,
  7. Do you consider yourself beautiful? :) (And if you are a guy, handsome?)
  8. Which of these sounds like an ideal home for you?
  9. Thats all the questions that counted. :) If you rate my quiz down please explain why in the comments so I can improve. Thanks everyone. :)
  10. Yep.

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Quiz topic: What Color&Breed Of Cat am I?