what cod waw perk are you suited for

there are many perks, Jugger Nog, Speed Cola, Quick Revive, Double Tap Root Beer, PHD Flopper, mule kick, Vulture Aid Elixir, Who's Who, and Electric Cherry

there are more then the perks i listed up in paragraph 1 like Stamin-up, deadshot daiquri, and Tombstone Soda im sorry if your favorite perk is not on the quiz.

Created by: viktor reznov

  1. What do you do mostly.
  2. what is the first perk you like to get
  3. do you like to
  4. which perk is you favorite
  5. which Perk bottle do you mostly want in real life
  6. which perk that cause damage to zombies do you like
  7. if you play with some one what set of perks do you go with.
  8. if you play by yourself what perks do you like
  9. if you played in a zombie challenge to where you only have 5000 points and dont earn any points what perk would you want
  10. what Call Of Duty zombie game do you play in unmoded

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Quiz topic: What cod waw perk am I suited for