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  • I got "geek" and the way you responded was quite rude:

    "Sorry, nobody likes you! Well, thats not entirely true. Your online friends like you. And so do your Math Club friends. The good news is your really nice! Behind all the pimples and technology, that is. Being a geek can be good, though. Your smart.... and.....stuff.... Well, congrats, your a loser."

    Firstly, do you not think that people I go to school with don't say that enough?

    I'm not in math club, which while I'm at it my school doesn't even have that. I don't ONLY use technological stuf though I spend a lot of time playing computer games.

    So, I'm a loser? Good to know, so when I'm a famous author or videogame designer who will be the loser? The person with an amazing arreer or the one who made fun of someone since they were a "geek."?

    @Sqee r: Agreed. Plus the quiz maker didn't even use the right "you're." I'll pretend like that didn't happen.

    @Evil Lord Inthyr: First, cool nickname. You're right. I'm pretty nerdy/geeky but I have friends most of them aren't geeky but will listen to be discuss my theories of unproved science for hours and then by the time I'm done say they understood 2 words of it.

    You're right about the pimples thing. It makes sense because honestly, I couldn't care less what I look like. I don't like dressing up.

  • Geeks are not losers........And while most geeks are, I happen to not be an unpopular geek - I have a select few friends, and while nobody else really likes me that much, they still respect my unusual ways and don't dislike me. And the whole pimples thing is kind of a stereotype, and although I could see reasons for geeks having pimples, all the geeks I know, including myself, don't have pimples.

    Evil Lord Inthiyr
  • Whoever made this quiz is some little b**** who only cares about her reputation, even if it means hurting other people's feelings... oh wait, she doesn't care about other people's feelings

    So what if I'm a geek... you don't have to make a big deal about it and start off with the sentence, "Sorry, you're a loser". Spoken by a true b----. Does this help make you feel better... well maybe you should think about other people's feelings once in a while b****

  • Really I got Geek and yeah some geeks have pimples but not all have pimples b*tch oh and I'm on in some weird math club i don't even know what a math club is and most of my friends are kind go goth but people use a different name for them its called Emo and there not like vampier white

  • I turned up partly all three, but geeks are SO not losers, whoever stereotypes them as losers are the real losers. Honestly, geeks are just people who are smart. And having a brain is better than being popular in my book.

  • I got Goth.
    Whats wrong with that?
    Im not a flippin walking shadow.

    I wear normal clothes, but i cover up bright colors with gray.

    I dont wear chains. I wear skinny jeans.
    I do put black eyeliner on, but thats it.

    I wear a hoody all the time, but why is that so bad.

    Im actually emo.

    You dont think i get called a freak, b----, f@g everyday?

    You dont think i cut for a reason?
    I have friends who do care.
    I have a boyfriend.

    Ya, hes goth too, but we still love each other.

    Im not a freak
    im a person
    You know what i hate
    popular people

    their so prepped up and pretty and full of s---.

  • I got Goth.

    "Everyone hates you" Pardon? They don't like me, but I doubt they loathe. I don't even wear makeup or chains! I wear hoodies, long sleeves, and shorts with brown ankle boots or sneakers. Haha, f**** you, quiz.

  • I got popular, then I got geek, but geeks are not losers, and I happen to be friends with so many people, that this quiz doesn't even know which clique I'm in! But I'm really smart, nice, and popular.

  • well all i have to say is geeks are freaks!!!!! but some are cool if they take of their classes. anyways i am popular not suprised with my quiz results who cares if your geek emo weirdo nerd jock all i know is im sooooo glad im popular and my friends are to thats all that matters to me xoxo

  • I got Average Joe. Yeah I am normal. Im usually alone, though-unless someone asks me to hang out with them.

  • Not all goths are pale and popular people need to stop being so rude

  • They stereotyped goths... so not cool...

  • I got 85% geek, 79% goth, 53% Average Joe, and 4% popular. I have to say, I agree. I suck. Nobody likes me.

  • i got popular.

  • ok, anyone who dresses to fit in cliques need to grow up. it's ok to be you, and be cool with it. why be something you're not? love yourself.

  • Geeks are so NOT losers. XP

  • i got geek. by the way, you used "your" instead of "you're", b----. haha.

  • goths need to grow up and go outside and get some sun xoxo

  • i got populare :)


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