What classic Halloween monster are you?

What halloween ee monster wouldest thou be? you could be mummy. you could be headless horseman, or a vampirre or a were wolf. there are many many choices.

etctera etcetera etcetera blah blab blabbedy blobb doodleooooooo rollercoasters arm bands and free stylers with shoes of brass and concrete faces of steel

Created by: Gollum
  1. What is your favorite holiday?
  2. Favorite food?
  3. Where would you go on vacation?
  4. Spirit animal?
  5. Favorite dessert?
  6. Favorite drink?
  7. Favorite movie?
  8. Favorite book?
  9. Favorite TV show?
  10. What is your pet peeve?

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Quiz topic: What classic Halloween monster am I?