Life and Love at Hogwarts (Halloween)

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Boo! I have a Halloween treat here for everyone (I hope, that's up to you) Today, I got a black kitten that we are calling Spooky, because he's all black, sneaky, and we decided to get him on Halloween. Anyway, read on!

Created by: Blahh45

  1. 1. This is the Halloween Special for Life and Love at Hogwarts. I apologize for only having two others of this series up to take. I will work on them more, I promise. Now, you get a few tricks and treats! Let's go!
  2. 2. You, Ron, Harry, and Hermione were walking through the Great Hall. You between Hermione and Ron. You glanced at the two you were wedged between and hugged Ron. "What? Huh? What's with the hug, ______?" Ron blushed. "Happy Halloween, Ronald!" You sighed still sideways hugging him. "Oh! That's right! Four years ago, we met each other at a Halloween Ball, and both agreed it was ridiculous!" Ron remembered. You laughed, nodded and let go of Ron, who you noticed had turned almost the same shade of his hair! Harry suddenly spoke up, "_______? Everyone knows how we met, the Night Bus, we now know how you met Ron, but how did you meet Hermione?" You looked at Hermione and the two of you were blushing. She nodded, signaling that you could tell them. "Alright, it is a little bit embarrassing! I was in the library a couple years ago, and Hermione was there. I'll admit, I thought she looked like a know-it-all so I didn't approach her. How we actually met was through an incident with an extremely desperate boy! Basically, I was looking for a muggle-romance novel, Romeo and Juliet, that my aunt had asked for. When I grabbed the book, a very desperate boy; a year older than me with black hair and black eyes, walked up to me. He asked why I read Romance Novels when I could live it, then he kissed me! Hermione saw me trying to stomp on his foot and try to push him away. When she saw that it wasn't working, she grabbed the thickest book that she could, came over, and whacked him on the shoulder with it! Ever since, we've been best friends!" You ended while laughing, smiling, and blushing along side Hermione. Everyone was laughing. Once Harry had calmed down he asked, "He kissed you?!" You nodded through gasps of air and replied, "I think it was me being part Veela, or maybe I'm just that cute!" You joked. From the corner of your eye you could see Harry and Ron nod when you said 'I'm just that cute.'
  3. 3. "Alright ______, each year on Halloween we have done something for our friend-aversary. What are we doing this year. We have had a pumpkin fight, made my dad turn us invisible and scared everyone, and we had a fight with a talking skeleton." Ron said as he counted them off on his fingers. You nodded, "Don't worry, Ron. We're going to have all of our friends celebrate Halloween the muggle way!" You cast a spell that made thunder crack at the end of your sentence. Ron looked disgusted at the idea of celebrating it the muggle way. "Ron, you'll love it! Basically, the muggles dress up and beg for candy!" You said. Ron brightened up considerably when you mentioned candy. Everyone nodded. You explained the rules, "Okay, the way muggles play are a bit boring so we're gonna mix things up. The way muggles play is they dress up in costumes, walk door-to-door, say trick-or-treat, and get candy. We are going to do this; dress up in costumes, go to everyone in our houses, say trick-or-treat, and allow them to decide which one you get. For example; if I walked up to Fred and George and said trick-or-treat, they would probably give me dungbombs. Which is a treat for me and a trick to the unlucky soul it gets thrown at. Got it?" Everyone nodded. You all agreed to wear a crazy costume and meet in the Gryffindor Common Room an hour later. They told you the password was 'wattlebird.' You quickly raced off to the Slytherin Common Room, in the dungeons. ''Pureblood," you sighed to the gateway. You'd hated that password all year, for you were friends with what Slytherins called, 'mudbloods and blood-traitors.' 'They are 100% pure blooded, just because they don't have full magic parents doesn't mean they aren't pure!' You thought upon entering your dorm.
  4. 4. You quickly threw on a random assortment of muggle witch/and wizard witch clothes. (A crazy over the top witch hat, a mole or two on your face, a pair of Quidditch robes that Karla had allowed you to borrow, and your wand.) After quickly dressing up you ran out of your dorm into the common room. Everyone started to stare as you entered. All you did was laugh, "Take a picture, it'll last longer! And Happy Halloween!" You smiled and ran to your decided meeting place. You walked after you had been SCOLDED, not docked points, by Snape. He did however dock five points from Slyhterin because of your crazy outfit. "Sorry, Professor. My friends and I are having a little Halloween celebration and decided to do it the muggle-way," you explained as you walked off with a smile, which only made you look that much more frightening. You arrived at the Gryffindor common room exactly 45 minutes after the four of you decided to meet there. You whispered the password to the fat lady, not wanting anyone to know you where there. You walked in to see all the Gryffindors staring at you, attempting to suppress a laugh. "I'm going to tell you all what I told my house. Take a picture, it'll last longer. And Happy Halloween." You smiled while sitting on the scarlet armchairs, waiting for your friends. After about ten minutes of people laughing, the golden trio entered the common room. Harry was a zombie-Quidditch player. Hermione was a princess with neon blue hair. Ron, having been brought up by wizards, had needed Harry's help. He was dressed in muggle clothes with a lion mane and tail. "Princess Granger, I like it. Harry, too many bludgers to the head? And Ron, a true Gryffindor," you greeted them as they sat down. Each of them nodded before Ron asked, "______, um, what are you?" You looked at yourself and actually realized how ridiculous you looked. "Okay, the face and the hat are what muggles think witchs are like. The neck down is how we actually are. Now come on, let's go!" You said as you stood. The golden trio followed suit.
  5. 5. "First, the Slytherin common room!" You said as you caused a thunder crack again. The three looked nervous as they all nodded. You led them to the dungeons. "Stay out here for a second, I'll be right back. Pureblood." You said as you entered the common room to find it full to bursting. You walked to the coffee table and stood on it. You whistled, calling the Slytherins to attention. "Alright! We will be accompanied by a few Gryffindors, only for a few minutes! I want everyone to know that I dragged them here! If I see a single Slyhterin being rude to any of them, or make fun of them for what they're wearing, I will personally slap and hex you the second I find out! Understood?!" You shouted. All the Slytherins reluctantly nodded. You walked to the gate and opened it, allowing the Gryffindors in. "I understand that these are your least favorite people, but be nice and do NOT make fun of them for their costumes, once again my idea, or I WILL keep my promise!" You shouted again. "Why are they even here, Blackwell?" Draco asked, living up to the Malfoy name again. "They are here for a Halloween celebration idea I had. Basically you give them a trick, not very harmful, or a treat, something you think they'll like. After they have hit up everyone here, they'll leave. Okay?" You answered. "Oh look it's the m-" someone said. "I swear Marcus, that if you call them mudbloods and blood traitors I will personally hit a bludger to your head, along with a hex or two!" You threatened. Marcus Flint nodded. Hermione, Ron, and Harry thanked you as they walked in. After an hour, the four of you had bags full of tricks and a rare treat. Harry, Ron, and Hermione had been given one treat. It was from, Draco!? You walked over to him. "You didn't trick your least favorite people, Draco?" You whispered. "They're your friends, plus, I'm kind of scared of what you do to me if I did trick them," he answered. You nodded as you saw a snake crawl out of each of the bags. You grabbed the snakes before they could bite your friends. You could make out a messy scrawl, 'Happy hospital time, brats! ~Marcus' Hermione squealed as it ripped her dress. You walked to Marcus. "Snakes? Really, Flint!?" You shouted. He nodded, smiling. "Petrificus Totalus!" You pointed your wand at him as he fell over. You kicked him in the side, hard while slapping in the face, just as you promised. You yelled at him until Harry and Ron dragged you away. "Finite!" Hermione unfroze Marcus. He just scowled as Hermione waltzed away in her pink and gold gown.
  6. 6. "Gryffindor now," Hermione said. "No, not yet," you answered. Your three friends whip around and stare at you. "Why?" Harry and Ron asked at the same time. "I'm a Slytherin, aren't I? You didn't hit me up," you said calmly while playing with your nails. Ron, Harry, and Hermione sighed in relief. "Trick-or-treat!" They all shouted at once. You grab your 'History of Wand Making' book from your purse and handed the textbook to Hermione, who squealed in delight. "That is defintitely a treat!" She said as she hugged you. You hugged her back until she let go. You stepped sideways to Ron. "Ron, you get something I know you will like a LOT." You handed him a bag marked 'Honeydukes' which was full with galleons. He hugged you tight, "You were right!" You took another sideways step to Harry. "Harry, since I haven't known you long, I will give you a choice." You took him by the arm and allowed him to read your thoughts. {Your Thoughts} Hi Harry! Alright you can pick 1. Tell me what you want. 2. I'll let you see my worst memory. Or 3. Both. {Reality} You let go. "Three," Harry said at once. You nodded and took his arm again. {Your Thoughts} You were six years old and had scars everywhere. You were living with John and he had just gotten home. "How was work?" You asked, quickly shielding your face. "They brought up 'the incident' again," John responded. "What incident?" "When I was 13, I went to Hogwarts. They allowed 13+ to go to a wizard village called Hogsmead. I bought some Firewhiskey, as a dare. I drank every last drop and went bizerch! I flipped the tables, slapped people, dropped glass bottles on Madam Rosmerta, and even punched my girlfriend. I was quickly taken to a wizarding hospital and have been nuts ever since!" John said. He quickly got up from his chair and started firing random spells at you and laughing as you attempted to dodge them. [Memory over] So, Harry. As long as we're still in my head, what did you want? (Harry: I want you to accompany me the first Hogsmead trip of the year.) But, Harry, I can't go to Hogsmead! (Harry: me either.) Oh, okay then. {Reality} You let go of Harry's arm and immediately tumbled over. Ron offered you a hand, which you excepted. Hermione allowed you to lean on her for support once Ron had helped you to your feet. "So, Harry. Was that a trick or a treat?" You asked. "The first part was a trick, I didn't like it and it wasn't very harmful. The second half, was a massive treat!" Harry responded with a smile. "What?" Hermione asked. "Hey, you're the one who told me not to tell what I see in Harry's head, so your out of luck," you said while putting your hands in the air. Hermione shook her head and the four of you headed towards Gryffindor Tower.
  7. 7. You picked the moles off your face when you were at the common room, for you noticed how unsightly it must look, even for a half Veela. After a few minutes Harry, Ron, and Hermione returned in their usual clothes. You stood up as Hermione explained the rules to the Gryffindors, who cheered at the thought of the idea. You stood and walked to each Gryffindor asking 'trick-or-treat' each time. You now had a bag with a balanced supply of tricks and treats. You then turned to Hermione who gave you a Nimbus 2001, you gasped and squealed. You turned to Ron. "Trick-or-treat, Ronald," you snickered. Ron handed you a small locket that said 'the treat's inside' you opened it to find the goofy picture you and Ron and taken at the Halloween Ball. You almost cried as you hugged him tightly. You realesed the Weasley and walked to Harry. You asked the same question as always. "Well first, you get to see a trick," he said as he waved his wand. You looked up to see mistletoe. "Now, you tell me this one," Harry leaned in and kissed you. {Your Thoughts} TREAT! {Reality} Ron pulled you away from Harry with an almost angry look on his face. Hermione pulling Harry, constantly saying "Ron made me." "Well?" Harry asked from across the room with a deep red tinge entering his cheeks. "Treat." You said calmly. You could see Harry's face becoming more and more red as he smiled.
  8. 8. Ron pulled Harry out of the common room and into the dorms. You walked to Hermione. "What was that about?" You asked as you changed your clothes with a simple spell that you had learned in Beauxbatons. "Not quite sure. Although, I think he's jealous," Hermione answered. "I'll go check on him. Be right back!" You said as you began to climb the stairs to the boys dorm. You stopped right outside of the door to do a bit of eavesdropping. "Harry? How could you do that? You know that I like _____!" "Ron, you've known her for 4 years, and she doesn't seem to think of you as anymore than a friend. I've known her for 4 weeks and here we are!" Harry retaliated. You decided that it was best to enter now. You walked down a few steps, quietly, and stomped back up. You knocked on the door. Ron looked at you with disgust while Harry said you could come in. You grabbed Harry's arm really quick on your way in. {Your thoughts} I heard. {reality} Harry nodded as you sat by Ron. "What's wrong, Ron?" You asked as you put an arm around him in a sisterly way. "You know exactly why I'm mad, ______! Don't act like you don't! You don't go and kiss someone's best friend when it's the celebration of your friendship!" He said with an icy tone. "Oh, Ronald, you are a thick git! I can kiss who I please, when I please!" You said, your Slytherin side showing. "That means so can I," Ron said as you nodded. He pulled you into a quick kiss. "Ronald?! What was that for?" You shout. Ron mocked you, "I can kiss who I please, when I please." You suddenly saw Harry go red in the face. You laughed and pushed Ron off the bed. Harry started laughing too. "Are you two good now?" You ask through laughs. They nodded and returned to tell Hermione what just happened.
  9. 9. Thanks to everyone who took this quiz, and I'm sorry about the Harry scene if you don't like it. It's just that I absolutely LOVE Harry. Anyway, comment on whether or not you want the date with you and Harry to happen, the date happen but just as friends, the date happens and Ron gets upset, etc. Thanks! Comment, rate, take my other quizzes and my polls!
  10. 10. Sorry that this was short!

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