What Clan Do You Belong In?

In the forest lives four clans. New cats are needed. Ones with skills to match the clan. In time of need like this the clans look to StarClan to test new warriors and send them to the place of their destiny.

What Clan will YOU got to? Where are *YOUR* skills needed? Where will StarClan guide your paws? Are you ready to find out? Are you ready to face your destiny?

Created by: warrior-clans- of Warrior-Clans-
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  1. It is important to ALWAYS follow the rules.
  2. I love to have beautiful things around me.
  3. You enjoy running across open ground- fast.
  4. You will always defend the rights of somebody unfairly treated. Even if it could harm you.
  5. You love the water and you always feel at home swimming.
  6. You love the nightime.
  7. You can be VERY stealthy and sly.
  8. You LOVE the outdoors
  9. You love risks and thrills!
  10. You would enjoy most.....
  11. Loyalty is very important!!!!!!!!!!

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Quiz topic: What Clan do I Belong In?