What clan are you in?

The four clan around the lake are wonderful! But have you ever wondered which one you should be in? Stop worrying I Goldenpaw will tell but first I need you to take this survey then I can consult with StarClan I am ShadowClan Now lets find out what you are!

Now if you just scroll down on this twoleg thingy I have found out how to use your survey is down there and when your done just show me the results and it will only take me a second. Really! So just take this quiz and find out what clan your in!

Created by: Goldenpaw
  1. You can sneak up on a friend without them knowing.
  2. You swim as much as possible.
  3. Do you like night?
  4. Do you love running?
  5. Do your friends consider you a fast runner?
  6. Do you like the forest?
  7. Do you take pride in your beauty?
  8. Do you one day want to own a boat?
  9. Which one do you prefer? Pride or loyalty?
  10. Do take loyalty in a friendship? do you value it?

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Quiz topic: What clan am I in?