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  • Demi Lovato? Well I got black hair and dark brown eyes..and a little sensitive, and my friends said that I am a good friend.

    Crimson Red Jul 10 '16, 2:07AM
  • All right except the light brown hair, mines practically black. Now i want to see you!!!haha

    Justmexo Jun 28 '15, 7:45AM
  • This is nearly all right! The only thing that was wrong was that it said I am short when I am actually tall for my age!

    fashion444 May 26 '15, 7:50AM
  • selena gomez oh my god she is adorable

    lyla martin Apr 4 '15, 11:32AM
  • Funny, this isn't the first one to say I look like Ashley Tisadle. But, I also got a result that said Amanda Seyfried. Either way I'm not blonde, but probably have a bubbly personality like one I guess...

    keh1016 Jun 18 '14, 6:20PM
  • On number 6, why wasn't there any size over a medium? Do you have to be teeny tiny to be a celebrity? I can outweigh all the celebrities. :(

    aturn Aug 1 '13, 8:17PM
  • Demi lovato
    yay me!
    ur quiz was awesome!

    Happy AJ Jun 3 '13, 5:25AM
  • What celebrity Do you look like?
    Your Result: your me!! :) ahaha

    you have light brown hair, have blueish greenish eyes, are short but REALLY skinny, you are kinda tan but still have light skin, you can be extremely shy or completely crazy and out-going, you love your friends and are a maniac around them, you are me :)

    Oh my gosh, every single fact in this text is true(exept that im not REALLY skinny, people just tell me im skinny)
    your scicic :0

    Loverebeccah Feb 11 '11, 4:03PM
  • Selina gomez

    Black princess Nov 22 '10, 12:08AM

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