What career is right for you?

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This quiz tries to figure out what career is right for you! Remember that interests and/or personality can change throughout time! So it is best you take this quiz again after some time has passed for more up to date answers and accuracy.

I should as well state that this quiz is really accurate. But remember, a quiz is not a human being. So even the most accurate quizzes can't give you a perfect answer. Only you know what career is right for you! Enjoy the quiz!

Created by: CuteClick123
  1. Which topic listed below is most appealing?
  2. Which word/words listed below best describes yourself?
  3. Which listed below would you choose as a hobby?
  4. What would you like to be called?
  5. Quick roleplay! You are part of a team, what would be your team role?
  6. Your team needs a research topic. What should it be?
  7. Roleplay over. What do you see yourself happily doing?
  8. In what area could you most improve your growth?
  9. What career do you think is most beneficial for you? Answer this question by keeping not just the economy in mind.
  10. Do you like studying life?
  11. Do you like constructing?
  12. Do you like Arts, Audio/Video Technology, and Communication?
  13. Do you like business and finance?
  14. Do you like education and training?
  15. Do you like the government and public administration?
  16. Do you like health science?
  17. Do you like IT (Information Technology)?
  18. Do you like the Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security?
  19. Do you like marketing?
  20. Would you consider yourself a "nerd"? If so, what topic are you most nerdy in?

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