What Camp Campbell kid are you?

Hello! What Camp Campbell kid are you? I'm sorry I forgot Nerris! But I do have the rest of the kids. If your seeing this, then hello, welcome to the quiz!

You can get either, Max, Nikki, Niel, Dolph, Harrison, Space Kis, Preston, Ered, or Nerf! Thank you fellos Camp Camp fans for clicking on this quiz! This is the quiz for yoy!

Created by: Fander.Friend
  2. Role?
  3. Thoughts on parents?
  4. Thoughts on the counselors?
  5. What about the cult?
  6. Favorite Fandom?
  7. Are you emo?
  8. Liek to swim?
  9. Favorite holiday?
  10. Dud you enjoy the quiz

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Quiz topic: What Camp Campbell kid am I?