What Broadway Show Are You Most Likely to Star In?

Are you known to struggle in today's society, or are you a social butterfly and a secret sinner, or do you give back to friends and keep them close, though you may fight and bicker? Well, you will find with this quiz that you may apply to one of these descriptions which will guide you to a chnce at stardom. Whether you belong in Cats, Wicked or Annie, you will find which broadway production carries your name all over it.

Are YOU a broadway star? With this easy 12 question quiz, yu will soon find out which broadway production you belong in! Take your time and answer these correctly, and maybe you will have a chance in the big time!

Created by: megan

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  1. What is currently in your closet?
  2. What kind of ticket nubs do you have from movies?
  3. How many productions whether it be school plays, musicals, broadway, have you been in in your life?
  4. What is your favorite holiday?
  5. What kind of lines have you read for various auditions?
  6. Who is your hero in the movie industry that you wish would do more broadway and stage productions?
  7. How many lines are you looking to get, if any?
  8. What kind of photography interests you? (your perspective in sight)
  9. What kind of movie would you like to direct?
  10. Where is your job in society?

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Quiz topic: What Broadway Show am I Most Likely to Star In?