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  • What Britney Spears era best suits you?
    Your Result: You're 'In The Zone' Britney! 93%

    You have a strong personality, no one will tell you what to do, you always have the final saying in things. You're a sexual and an outgoing person. Even with that, you can sit down and have a real conversation, you're versatile and people like that about you. You know when a situation is to be taken seriously and when it's not!

  • Your Result: You're 'Britney Jean' Britney! 86%

    The spotlight isn't for you. You're in a point of your life where you don't really have anything else to prove, you've done pretty much everything you wanted. You're an old soul but you're always up for a good adventure. Your family is your biggest love and if you could you wouldn't do anything but to be with them.


  • I got Britney Britney! (2001) yay thats my favourite album by her! Im 1st comment too.


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