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  • I thought this quiz was a lot better thought out than most quizzes I have taken.

    moonshadow52 Apr 18 '14, 12:56PM

    ladswag12345 Feb 3 '13, 8:01PM
  • rigged

    ladswag12345 Feb 3 '13, 8:00PM
  • rigged

    ladswag12345 Feb 3 '13, 7:59PM
  • rigged

    ladswag12345 Feb 3 '13, 7:57PM
  • I got Keats!!! Really cool quiz,well done :)
    I call romantic to everything poets or writers of 19th century brought:love of nature,freedom from society's judgement and restrictions,vivid imagination,spiritu ality...
    I'm THIS kind of romantic,not a girly girl waiting all the time her "handsome prince"(unfortunate ly this is called romanticism)....

    machen1991 Dec 26 '10, 7:45AM
  • Pretty cool quiz!
    What British Romantic Poet are You? Your Result: You are John Keats!Ars gratis artis! Keats had only one idea, but it was a good one: "Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty." Unlike the other British Romantics, he didn't have a political agenda. He died at 26.You are George Gordon, Lord Byron!You are William Blake!You are Percy Shelley!You are William Wordsworth!You are Samuel Coleridge!What British Romantic Poet are You?Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

    MaggiErisian Jun 26 '09, 2:42AM
  • Fun - I'd like to use it for my lit class, but to do so, would probably need to have a little more basis - or information -for the poet who ends up being your "spiritual" romantic poet!

    phyallen Dec 9 '08, 1:42AM

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