what breed of dog are you?

Hi there! Anonymous here! I made a quiz about doggies, because I am totally obsessed with them! In this quiz you will click your answer, and at the end, you will learn what breed of dog you were made to be!

In the quiz, there are ten fluffy questions, which are all filled with bundles of puppy love!! to all you puppy fans: puppy or dog books that I would recommend- inside of a dog, lassie come home, where the tall tails end,and last but not least, in dog we trust!

Created by: anonymous

  1. what is your favorite color?
  2. favorite food?
  3. drink?
  4. book?
  5. animal? (does not change score)
  6. flying thing?
  7. art?
  8. celebrity?
  9. name for a bunny?
  10. denim?

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Quiz topic: What breed of dog am I?