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  • I totally agree with all of you. Terrific quiz! It interpreted correctly. I love the second symphony and am very happy that symphony was my result.

    motibutton Feb 15 '12, 12:43PM
  • So amazing! It knows I love the 3rd and the 1st. wow.

    lalalalala Jun 5 '11, 5:59PM
  • Wow this is a really good quiz. I do like the second symphony best and that's what I got! Very good quiz.

    Minnierox22 Jul 30 '09, 9:38AM
  • I doubt if my life has changed for the better, but this was an amazingly accurate quiz. I have a strong favorite among the Brahms symphonies and the quiz got it right. It even knew my second favorite!

    mkonommoja Feb 10 '09, 1:10PM

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