What Book Characters are you most like?

Have you ever wished you could jump into a book and join the vharacters? well if you have, then that book really appeals to you! their must be a reason right?

Of course there is! you have to be at least slightly alike these characters to get fun out of your book! take this quiz to see if your most like the characters from pretty little liars, twilight, daughters of the moon or canterwood crest!

Created by: Aubrey

  1. Are you a mysterious person?
  2. Are your Friends jealous of your looks?
  3. Are you amazing at one certain thing?
  4. If your only good at one certain thing, what is it?
  5. How are you with friends?
  6. What would you do for your friends?
  7. How would u describe yourself?
  8. How would you decribe yourself? (Other)
  9. do you get involved in a lot of drama?
  10. do you have a lot of action in your life?
  11. are you readt to see yr answer?

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Quiz topic: What Book Characters am I most like?