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  • lol chest

    doomedwithRANDOM Mar 23 '11, 1:37PM
  • You people really need to calm down

    vampyre666 Nov 15 '10, 9:11PM
  • luv the comment nessie14

    xevx Aug 9 '10, 10:07PM
  • I'm a belly! :D

    Piggylover Apr 9 '09, 1:22PM
  • Your are 35% of this body part.

    you are a belly. either you love to work out and have an amazing mid section... or you love to eat... either way you are all about the belly.

    thats weird bro

    hip hop Feb 21 '09, 4:02AM
  • i got chest... teeheehee

    juliah1994 Feb 11 '09, 4:58PM
  • uhhh belly?!?!

    softball_cat33 Feb 7 '09, 7:15PM
  • I'm a belly?

    doyoureallycare Feb 7 '09, 4:07PM
  • this quiz was cool

    MissGorgeous Feb 6 '09, 6:01PM
  • Really, explosion? Cool out on the "racist" McCarthyism. Go read the First Amendment. His post was moronic and vulgar, but nowehere near racist. Jeez, get a clue and stop silencing people with which you disagree. Everyone has a right to display their ignorance.

    theo229 Feb 6 '09, 12:58AM
  • Haha, true about the belly.

    misskiss Feb 5 '09, 10:13PM
  • i got... belly! lawlz! it's cute! haha! idk how it became cute to me... i just find it really cute! =3
    great quiz! ^_-

    xXxXxemo_kittyxXxXx Feb 4 '09, 2:45AM
  • i got eyes!!! awesome!! its because i see the stuf around me and whats going to happen and thats soooo true!! awesome quizz!!!!!

    Too me Feb 3 '09, 11:08PM
  • hehe.. i hope being a belly is a good thing ! :D

    awesome quiz btw :)

    Marmoura Feb 3 '09, 7:56PM
  • apparently i'm all about love. huh. spread the sunshine! wheeee! SPREAD IT OR DIE! heheh

    nessie14 Feb 3 '09, 7:48PM

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