What Board Game Should You Play?

This quiz is going to show you what game you would like. Don't worry, if you have the game the result gives you you could just play the game more often.

The quiz will have 10 questions that you will need to answer before you'll be able to see your result of what games right for you. I hope you will enjoy.

Created by: Rujay
  1. What type of games do you like?
  2. How do you like to win games?
  3. How many versions of a game do you like?
  4. What pieces do you like in games?
  5. How big do you like a game?
  6. Do you like games that involves math or English?
  7. Do you mind games that end up taking long?
  8. Do you play board games a lot?
  9. Do you like the quiz?
  10. How many players do you like in a game?

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Quiz topic: What Board Game should I Play?