What Azumanga Character are you?

There are many quizs to find out what anime character you are, but few for Azumanga Daioh! Take mine and find out which you are. There are 12 questions in total. There are six choices for each questions.

The six possible outcomes are Tomo, Yomi, Osaka, Chiyo-chan, Kagura and Sakaki. Please do not take the outcome to seriously, this is only for fun. I hope you enjoy it!

Created by: private

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  1. What are you good at?
  2. What's your favourite colour?
  3. ...
  4. Quick! Chose one!
  5. Chose a sport, any sport
  6. What is the best thing anyone every told you?
  7. Are aliens real?
  8. What do you think of squid meatballs?
  9. You're being interviewed! Whats the first thing you say?
  10. For fun, who do you think your gonna get?

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Quiz topic: What Azumanga Character am I?