Cantebury character quiz

This quiz is to help you figure out which cantebury character you might be. The following are questions that will help in narrowing which person you might be in these short stories.

Answers these questions honestlly and figure out which cantebury character you are! When you have finished go back and reread the descrition in our book and see if you have more alike witht his character.

Created by: rachel
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  1. Do you give others advice while acting the opposite way of this advice?
  2. To you go to church on a regular basis?
  3. Do you like to be the leader of a group project?
  4. How many places have you lived in the past two years?
  5. Do you often feel like you don't understand a task but still continue anyways?
  6. Do you like gossip magazines?
  7. Do you like to participate in charitable events?
  8. Do you find yourself singing church songs when alone?
  9. Have you had a fake designer merchandise but pass it off as brand name?
  10. Do you like to enhance stories so they are more exciting?

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