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  • what avatar nation are you
    Your Result: fire nation

    the fire nation are the bad guys in the avatar the last air bender cartoon and will stop at nothing to take over the world. the leader of the fire nation is called fire lord ozie and he will use a comet to destroy the avatar.

    woohoo!!!Yay!!!I made up a character and it was a firebender turned good!

  • Water tribe,I do like the water alot sense I love swimming,find it relaxing and powerful as well as interesting with all the different sea life creatures. Cool quiz mate.

  • Air nomads? Hold up, I may be a vegetarian and tend to be a shy person, but I'm no airbender....I'd say I'm more of a firebender, perhaps water....

  • It says I'm an Air nomad. Perhaps I should of gotten Water, b/c my zodiac sign is a Water element... Pisces )-(


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