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  • Sweet and Shy Asian

    You're (most like) the Sweet and Shy Asian. You're the nicer type of Asian. They're usually pretty smart and get good grades. They're more shy but they might have hidden talents like singing, dancing, etc. The sweet and shy Asian may get picked on occasionally, but deep inside they're really special and unique.

    just like me really- only i'm not asian, and i get teased a whole lot more than what it says.....

  • You're (most like) the Talented/ Artistic Asian. You're probably very good at playing an instrument, singing, dancing, or painting. You're very talented overall. You might also be pretty smart. You may have a lot of awards and sometimes you're parents may push you to go to competitions against your will.

  • Girly Asian! That's actually tots like me! hahaha :D

  • Sweet and Shy asian. A[no urls] *goofy giggle*. Thats nice! lol. Yh, i dunno about the pretty part. :/ Nice quiz! :)

  • I am a b----y asian

    not sure how i feel about this bu u kno wat im ok with bein a b----y asain

    Also this quiz is highkey racist, all jokes aside.

  • Shy. Im not liking this.

  • Sweet and shy asian. I don't get good grades, and I'm loud and outgoing.. not shy..


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