what are you stereotyped in?

a fun quiz that kills time also to see what you might be stereotyped in. about eight possible answers you might score either a jock,loud ghetto,mysterious goth,some wierdo,talkative prep,sensitive emo,mean punk,and creepy nerd

this will test you by asking you nonsense questions. based on your personality if you answered honestly you be placed in one of the eight categories. just hope you get in a group that you wanted but dont try to lie to yourself

Created by: uisdooshbag
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. favorite music?
  2. color?
  3. favorite genre
  4. online you...
  5. got any bfs/gfs?
  6. your favorite object
  7. hows life?
  8. body type
  9. you are...
  10. random word
  11. HI!
  12. favorite animal

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Quiz topic: What am I stereotyped in?