what are you going to be when you grow up

if you take this quiz you should not weep when you get a bad result or something you didnt expect. i made this test because i was bored so take it when you're bored

make the right choices in your life like going to college and stuff. like when you're bullied don't go on rampage shouting stuff like i'm going to kill you.

Created by: shikamaruxD

  1. you're the new person at your school and, as usual, you get bullied. what do you do
  2. after you do what you did you earn their respect. what do you do
  3. they turn up on you
  4. you get a girl/boyfriend and they ask you out
  5. test day
  6. test class
  7. you get the results
  8. you finnish school
  9. you see a 100 twenies in one placewhat do you do
  10. last but n ot least what is your fav colour (not affecting the result)

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Quiz topic: What am I going to be when you grow up