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  • Fire is the best, than other the rest.

    But fire is portrayed as very evil in this quiz which is really stereotypical and unforgivable. Fire and Water both rules, But Fire is a little much the best.........

  • No. Just no. Just because fire tends to have more of a temper does NOT mean that it should be labeled as 'evil'! That is so stereotypical and annoying! What the heck? 1/10!

  • Fire! you know some of them wernt that good like "fire or water?" i mean if the people taking the quiz knew (unless they took cuz the were bored) then why take the quiz? and the good or evil one, being good or evil has nothing to do with it. over all 6/10.

  • water. HA! go figure!

  • Hahahaha!!XD XD XD Water! i have a bad temper but i love water


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