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  • I got Rin okumaru My senpai >//////< I'm happy we're a match

    Rin: Listen sweetie I love you and every thing but please don't start telling random people about us okay? Me: Fine but they is friend just so you knows Rin: God it's adorable when you talk like that Me: I knows that why I does it :P Rin: Alright well say bye to them okay dinners almost ready Me: Okay well bye and I'll be sure to do more of you quizez

  • Me got Alphonse Elric. Erk actually I dunno all those stuff. Lol~ cuz I'm not anime freak. Just bcuz my BF is an OTAKU so I wanna know all stuff about otaku thingy. From overall research I've done (Lol, do research on my own BF), I can say that they are WEIRD!! haha. I mean I just like them. I think this may help you to do a more better quiz.

    Otaku guy
    - in their own world

    -love playing game, gadget, tech, anime, manga, figura

    - accept their hobbies. Love 2D girl more and do not jelous with it. Don't take it to heart. Just accept that gurlz~

    - usually introvert person but some can sicialize well too.

    - clever
    - romantic
    - Loyal and trustworthy

    - hardcore person may hard to fall in love. but u can try slowly.

    - always and always with their hobby! no way they leave their interest. Lol~

    - usually very nice person. :)

  • Can you believe 63 people have taken this quiz only 1 person other than me has commented? Thank you madid!

  • Rin Okumura XD

  • Edward :D

  • Eh.... I don't really like Rin.
    ;O but i suppose it's fine.
    10 stars.


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