What anime boy would be perfect for me?

In this quiz wil we find out who would be your perfect boyfriend. So where are ypur whaiting for? Lets check out who is yours! ( its a anime version).

Sooo you don’t have to read this s--- i am only puting this here because i need 150 words and i didn’t had any here so just start the quiz your only waisting your time dude!

Created by: Weeboo of BoyfriendCreator
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  1. How does your new boyfriend look like?
  2. Where do you want to meet your new boyfriend?
  3. What would your now boyfriend do if he had to kill some one?
  4. What type of relation ship does your boyfriend has with his family?
  5. How would your new boyfriend react if he heard your kipnaped or taken by someone?
  6. What is your new boyfriend learning to become?
  7. What type of bestfriend does your new boyfriend has?
  8. How would you new boyfriend say :” i forgot.” On whatsapp?
  9. How does your new boyfriend dress like?
  10. What hight does your new boyfriend needs to have?

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